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  • Full Service Cleaning & Janitorial Services
  • Full Service Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Productive Back to School Deep House Cleaning, Sanitizing & Organizing Tips in Vista, CA

Now is the best time to do some targeted cleaning and establish some new routines that can help keep your home clean with the kids heading back to school. There are a few things you can do to implement new protocols in your home that will help enhance the cleanliness of your home as well as the organization of your kids and yourself as you help establish clean housekeeping habits. To help you incorporate the new cleaning order in your home for the new school year, we at Concept Cleaning Service have compiled a brief list of ideas, tips, and advice below.

Cleaning & Sanitising Procedures for Food Prep Areas

Get the pantry organized and cleaned. Clear out the nasty crumbs and spills that might be on the surfaces and discard any food that was not properly sealed. Have a space in the pantry that specifically designated for lunch items and quick breakfast items that is easily accessible. Teach them to put together their own lunches together before the bus arrives while having a prepared area in the fridge where they can quickly grab the prepared perishables. For quick preparation have applesauce, cereal bars, other snacks, hand wipes, napkins, and zip top bags easy to reach. To make packing lunches especially easy and time efficient, at the beginning of the week, either you or your little ones can make sandwiches or other entrees properly sealed to last week.

Importance of a Clean & Productive Homework / Study Space

Put together some organization to the chaos along with some supplies whether you have a desk, or a place at the table where your little one knocks out the homework. To help make getting homework done more smoothly, a few bins, or a caddy, along with an adequate supply of paper, notebooks, pencils, and even project supplies readily available is beneficial. As the papers quickly add up, be sure to have organization to the printouts, notes, and other paperwork that needs to be held on to should be stored in folders or binders to avoid the clutter.

Clean & Organize Clothes in Closet & Dressers

Whether they have uniforms or street clothes, ensure their closets and dressers have designated areas specific for school attire. It helps keep their bedrooms tidy and makes getting for school in the morning more efficient. Getting organized in the laundry room can also help when it comes time to put the clothes away after being laundered.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Clean out the bathroom and toss out the old, damaged, and expired products and grooming paraphernalia. The stretched-out hair bands, broken clips, and other accessories that look more or less outdated or deteriorated can also be thrown in the trash. The bottles with residues of gel or pomade on the side can be thrown out too. Replace the products and hair accessories with trending accessories and fresh products. Keep the bathroom neat and tidy with caddies and baskets. Be sure to train the kids to put their products and accessories back in the organized options you select. They can find their combs, brushes, and headbands if everything is put back where it was.

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